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    • Current openings

    • Director Projects

      Location: Bangalore

      Band: D3

      Department: Operations

      Reports To: Group Chief Operating Officer

      Reported By:

      • AGM - Design
      • AGM - Projects
      • AGM - Planning, Scheduling & Execution

      Job Objective
      To design and commission new hospital facilities based on the requisition from top management by means of Green-field projects as well as brown-field projects in a cost-effective manner, completing the projects within timeline and handing them over to the operations team for commencing the business

      Detailed Duties and Responsibilities

      • Strategic
        • Facilitate the development of business expansion strategy for Nova by giving inputs related to new projects such as estimated costs, timelines etc. to the top management
      • Operational
        • Analyze different modes of completing the project and chose the optimal and cost effective mode in collaboration with the COO and the central finance team
        • Develop and propose the overall project plans – Budget allocation, milestones related to cost and timelines to complete the project in a timely and cost effective manner
        • Review and monitor the project execution in a periodic manner to ensure the adherence to project milestones and optimal utilization of physical, financial and human resources
        • Evaluate and finalize reliable and cost effective vendors for procurement of materials/ providing services
        • Liaise with Government authorities and other bodies to ensure timely approvals, licenses and NOCs
        • Collaborate with Finance for smooth project financing to ensure timely payments to vendors
        • Ensure that quality and safety standards are met in every phase of the project; Define & monitor quality parameters in all areas of project activity in consultation with architects & consultants and document them to ensure compliance
        • Support COO in operationalzing the new centers in-time by coordinating with purchase and procurement team, Medical Directors, Biomedical Engineers to procure and install all the required medical devices in-time
        • Resolve any vendor grievances and handle any untoward situation during the construction phase of new projects
      • Financial
        • Prepare annual budget for projects in-line with annual business expansion plan in collaboration with Finance and top management
        • Monitor the budget utilization; Study and analyze causes for significant deviation from budget and take corrective action for the same, if required
        • Coordinate with purchase and procurement team to achieve the benefits of economies of scale and there by save costs
      • People
        • Plan and ensure optimal deployment of manpower in projects
        • Ensure all the labor laws and policies are adhered to by the company and by the vendor during project construction phase in collaboration with HR
        • Provide functional guidance as and when required to the direct reportees and team members
        • Monitor and evaluate performance of direct reportees and guide them in managing their performance by providing appropriate feedback
        • Ensure goal setting, performance appraisal and talent management initiatives happen in a timely manner for self and team members

      Key Result Areas

      • % Adherence to timelines in various phases in completion of the projects
      • % Adherence to projected budget in various phases in completing the projects
      • % Adherence to safety and quality/ regulatory standards in the construction
      • % Compliance to regulatory and legal requirements during the construction phase
      • Internal customer satisfaction with the new facility (feedback survey)
      • In-time Operationalization of the new centers (Both Brownfield acquisitions and Greenfield projects)
      • Cost and time saving through effective procurement plan
      • Adherence to timelines for appraisal process for self & team

      Qualification: Graduate Degree in Civil Engineering, Architecture preferably with a management degree

      Experience (Indicative): More than 15 years of experience in civil engineering with atleast five years of experience in project management

      External Interface Internal Interface
      • Contractors in Infrastructure development – builders, electrical, safety
      • External Consultants in designing and planning
      • Government authorities – Corporation, licensing authorities etc
      • NABH and other medical bodies in hospital industry
      • CEO & BoD
      • Finance team
      • Purchases and Procurement team
      • Medical Directors
      • Medical Advisory Board

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